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Choquequirao in The Wall Street Journal

25 September, 2015 Por: Casa Nostra Choquequirao Trekking

Choquequirao Inca Ruins

In a recent Adventure Life blog post, we highlighted the Choquequirao Trek and explained how it is undergoing some definitive changes.  By the end of 2015, the Peruvian government plans to build the first aerial tramway in the country.  To none other than Choquequirao.  It is anticipated that this tramway will deliver up to 3,000 people to Choquequirao everyday.  Currently visited by just a handful of travelers per week, the rugged Choquequirao ruins are in for a big shock.  The Wall Street Journal recently recognized Adventure Life as an operator offering the Choquequirao experience as it has always been…before it no longer exists.

Often referred to as Machu Picchu’s sister city, this amazing 15th century city ruins is remotely situated in the Salkantay Mountain Range.  The current trek to Choquequirao proves challenging with its steep ascents, stone terraces, and strenuous two-day hikes each way.  It also necessitates crossing the Apurimac River in a basket suspended from a cable!
Because travelers will no longer have to ride on horseback or hike with pack mules, access to Choquequirao will be so much easier.  Of course this accessibility will attract travelers, but hotels, restaurants, and other tourism ventures are also eagerly anticipating the opportunity the tramway presents.

Want to experience Choquequirao before the flood of thousands of visitors ensues?  Contact us to plan your trip to Choquequirao before it is too late.

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